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Definition of Screw Conveyor
LSY series Screw Conveyor is a kind of widely used conveying equipment in construction industry, which has a conveyor tube and blades are spirally welded on the pipe. Screw conveyor makes use of rotating helical blades to continuously push materials to required destination.
Screw conveyor is made of steel, which can span a long service life.

Features of Screw Conveyor
Compared with other conveying equipments, advantages of screw conveyor are as following: simple structure, small cross dimension, good sealing performance, high conveying efficiency, flexible process arrangement, convenient to assemble and disassemble, easy movement and safe operation. What's more, in the  process of conveying, screw conveyor is able to mix, heat and cool material.

Usages of Screw Conveyor 
Screw conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, food and other. Screw conveyor is acceptable for horizontal or inclined conveying powdery, granular and small shape material, such as coal dust, ash, slag, cement, grain, cobbles and cast iron shavings. While, screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying sticky, easily-caked and metamorphic material.
Screw conveyor is specially suitable for conveying bulk cement from cement warehouse to mixer or from cement warehouse to batching machine in concrete mixing plant. The effect of screw conveyor is greatly expressed in concrete mixing plant.

Pioneer Machinery Company manufactures screw conveyor for sale whose price is reasonable and quality is excellent.

Model LSY160-2.5 LSY160-4.5 LSY200-6 LSY200-8(9) LSY250-8(9) LSY300-9(12.15)
Diameter(mm) 160 160 185 185 237 305
Length of screw conveyor(m) 2.5 4.5 6 8(9) 8(9) 9(12.15)
Speed of main axle(r/min) 112 112 100 100 90 80
External case diameter(mm) 180 180 219 219 273 325
Working angle ≤ 20 ≤ 20 ≤ 45 ≤ 45 ≤ 45 ≤ 45
Conveying capacity(t/h) 25 25 35 35 45 75
Model of motor Y100L2-4 Y112M-4 Y132S-4 Y132M-4 Y160L-4 Y180L-4
Power of motor(kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5 15 18.5

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