Control system

Our concrete mixer control system can make you operate the plant easily and conveniently. It adopts high technology home and abroad.
We equip the commercial concrete batching plant with full automatic control system, in order to control the plant easily and conveniently. Control system used in concrete batching plant is composed of Siemens PLC (programmable logic controller), Schneider electronics and other components with excellent performance.

Control system of concrete batching plant is able to achieve automatically batch materials, which improves the producing efficiency of concrete batching plant.

It realized automation control for the aggregate batching, discharging, mixing, and concrete output, at the same time all the processes will displayed on the screen and dynamic simulation screen.
The production schedule controlled by smart system, which makes aggregate batching in a short time with maximum output.

The software of concrete mixer control system is programmed for general use, it can be set with different parameters to comply with the specific controlled object.

It shall programme the concrete producing process and the dynamic screen for control automatically, which could control and manage concrete mixing equipments of various models.
The data can be recorded, archived, backup filed according to the specific category.
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