Aggregate dosing machine

With over ten years experience as a concrete dosing machine supplier, we offer various types of concrete dosing machines.
Aggregate dosing machine is one important part of HZS concrete batching plant.

Our aggregate dosing machine is PLD serial concrete dosing machine, it works with concrete mixer to form a concrete mixing plant. With over ten years experience as concrete dosing machine supplier, Pioneer aggregate dosing machine is characterized by compact structure and sturdy design. Moreover, it employs PC+PLC control and digital display, therefore, it is high precision in weighing and easy operation.

Aggregate dosing machine combines with varied concrete mixers to form different HZS concrete batching plants.
For example, aggregate dosing machine in HZS25 concrete batching plant is PLD800 which has two bins. Aggregate dosing machine in HZS35 concrete batching plant is PLD1200.

Pioneer PLD batching machine is widely used to match with concrete mixer, brick machine, block machine and etc to get accurate aggregates ratio in large and medium construction projects.
Technical Parameters of aggregate dosing machine
Model PLD800 PLD1200 PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800
Cubage of storage hopper 2m3 2.2m3 3.7m3 12m3 20m3 25m3
Cubage of weighing hopper 0.8m3 1.2m3 1.6m3 2.4m3 3.2m3 4.8m3
Output rate 48m3/h 60m3/h 80m3/h 120m3/h 160m3/h 280m3/h
Accuracy of batching ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Max weighing value 1500Kg 2000Kg 3000Kg 4000Kg 5000Kg 8000Kg
Aggregate types for batching 2-3 2-4 2-4 3-4 3-4 4
Feeding height 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm 3200mm 3500mm 3800mm
Speed of belt conveyor 1.25m/s 1.25m/s 1.25m/s 1.0m/s 1.0m/s 1.6m/s
Power (2-3)x3Kw (2-4)x3Kw (2-4)x3Kw 11Kw 11Kw 15Kw
Overall weight 2500Kg 2900-3900-4900Kg 3500-4750-5750Kg 8500-10500Kg 10200-12600Kg 13600Kg
Overall dimension 3200x1600x3000 3200x2000x3200 3200x2000x3200 3250x2840x3900 3380x2900x4450 4500x3900x4820
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