Which materials can be batched in concrete batching machine

Submitted by admin,01/08/2013
Concrete batching machine is an indispensable equipment for a concrete mixing plant. From the name of concrete batching machine you can see it is used to batch the ingredients, but not every kind of material can be used as ingredients!

The concrete batching machine can not batch cement, fly ash and some other materials, why? Because these materials are the powdery materials, concrete batching machine is not a total enclose equipment, is open, there will be a lot of dust, not only pollutes environment, but also affects the working efficiency. Therefore, the powdery material shall be in sealed containers to store, such as cement silo.

In fact, concrete batching machine can batch sand, gravel and other granular materials.These are called aggregate.So when you are in the use of concrete batching machine, it must use proper allocation of materials!