Small Portable Concrete Plant Installation

Submitted by admin,12/12/2013

Regardless of large commercial concrete mixing plant or small engineering concrete batching plant, it shall comply with the requirements of safe installation in the process of installation and application. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will introduce six rules about small portable concrete plant safe installation:

1. Make sure the upper limit and lower limit of hopper and each limit switch be sensitive and reliable;

2. Wirerope of feeding hopper should be in compliance with the relevant requirements;

3. Each protective cover and safety protection facilities shall be complete, intact and reliable;

4. Concrete mixing plant shall be equipped with lightning protection device;

5. Concrete batching plant should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipments;

6. Parameters of leakage protection device should be matched, the installation of leakage protection device should be correct and the performance of leakage protection device should be sensitive and reliable.

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