Small Load Concrete Batching Plant

Submitted by admin,12/20/2013

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd provides small load concrete batching plants, including HZS25 concrete batching plant, HZS35 concrete batching plant and HZS50 concrete batching plant.
These concrete batching plants belong to HZS concrete batching plants. They are widely used in civilian construction, rural road construction, bridge and other constructions.

These small load concrete batching plants are characterized by small floor area, simple operation, low cost and other advantages.

The followings are descriptions about technological process of small load concrete batching plants:

(1) Feeding sand and stone by picking and transporting these raw materials by using belt conveyor; water is drew by water pump of concrete mixer to water tank. Cement will be directly poured into hopper charging bucket after unpacking by screw conveyor.

(2) Weighing sand and stone by batching machine; the amount of water is determined by the mark on water tank. The weighing error: cement ±2%, sand and stone ± 3%, water and admixture ±2%.

(3) Pour aggregate, sand, stone and cement into hopper charging bucket. These materials will be conveyed to concrete mixer by the lifting device of concrete mixer, at the same time, to let water go into the water lock.

(4) Small load concrete batching plant adopts horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer to mix raw materials to produce concrete. After materials being evenly mixed, then concrete can be discharged.

(5) Concrete will be transported to construction sites by concrete trucks.

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small load concrete batching plant