Self-loading Concrete Batching Plant

Submitted by admin,04/23/2013
A concrete batching plant can offer high quality and right volume of concrete, which is important for the success and punctual completion of any construction project. Self-loading concrete batching plant is designed and manufactured for building sites which requires continuous concrete supply.

Self-loading concrete batching plant has some special functions and features that make self-loading concrete batching plant stand out among concrete batching plants.

The followings are three features of self-loading concrete batching plant:

Self-loading concrete batching plant is semi-movable. Self-loading concrete batching plant can be eqipped with or without cement silo, which depends on your project.

Self-loading concrete batching plant can be both electrically powered and driven by diesel.

People can operate the control panels manually, semi-automatically and full automatically, which is easy to operate the self-loading concrete batching plant.

15-plus years of exporting concrete batching plant experience have given us a profound usderstanding of what our clients need to make their business run smoothly. And so we are committed to quality and hassle-free services.

Our QC team meticulously inspects all of our concrete batching plants prior to shipment according to ISO 9001:2008-certified guidelines.

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HZSY50 concrete batching plant