Screw Conveyor Technology Design

Submitted by admin,01/30/2013
Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd manufactures various kinds of concrete batching plants. Whether the installation of screw conveyor, mixer and batching machine is correct, it is the precondition of later usage. Today we are maily talk about screw conveyor technology design.
Take the screw conveyor for an example, it should meet the requirements of technical specifications:
Preparations before the installation of screw conveyor:
  1. Users should pour and complete the foundation of screw conveyor at least 20 days before screw conveyor 's official installation and the foundation should be able to reliably support screw conveyor. In addition, ensure the screw conveyor has enough stability at running time.
  2. Before the installation of screw conveyor, users must clean up the parts which be sticked with dust during transportation and unloading.
Technical requirements of screw conveyor:
1.The franchise of no longitudinal straightness and no vertical levelness is 1/1000 of length. The length of screw conveyor are as following:
Length of screw conveyor(m) 3-15 15-30 30-50 50-70
Gradient 4 6 8 10
  1. The mutual joint of screw conveyor adjacent two casing surface may not have obviously different levels.
  2. After every casing being installed, each base of screw conveyor should be really made and tighten the anchor bolt.
Screw conveyor of Pioneer Machinery Company has compact structure, light weight, good sealing performance, high efficiency, etc. Our company has a long history of 10 years and our products are sold all over the world and have received good feedback.
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