Screw Conveyor of Pioneer Concrete Batching Plant

Submitted by admin,02/16/2013
Screw conveyor is an important part of concrete batching plant, which is mainly in charge of conveying material (dust, cement). Screw conveyor of Pioneer concrete batching plant is popular in the market.

It is important for screw conveyor to have high efficiency and stable performance. So it is essential to maintain screw conveyor.
How to do screw conveyor maintenance?

Users should equip protective devices in the dangerous area where is not suitable to contact with screw conveyor to avoid unnecessary personnel and mechanical damages.
Concrete batching plant also should provide operators with safety guard during installation and maintenance.
Screw conveyor of Pioneer concrete batching plant is featured by compact structure, small cross section, light weight, good sealing performance, high conveying efficiency, flexible process management, convenient movement and safe operation.

Screw conveyor of Pioneer concrete batching plant is suitable to convey various dusty, grainy, small lumpy bulk materials, like clay powder, coal dust, sand, grain, small coal, cobbles and cast iron shavings. Screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying tough, easily-caked and metamorphic materials.
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