Safety Instructions In Cement Batch Plant

Submitted by admin,12/17/2013

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will introduce safety instructions in cement batch plant for you:

1. Check and confirm the safety of cement batch plant

(1) Make sure the connections of platform structure must be solid and reliable. Ensure caging devices and brake be sensitive and reliable.

(2) Make sure that the controlling system of electric pneumatic weighing device of concrete mixing plant be safe, effective, reliable.

(3) Ensure the lightning protection device of concrete batching plant be intact.

(4) Check and make sure lifting hopper, wirerope and conveying belt of feeding device be intact.

(5) Switches of inlet and outlet gate should be flexible and in place.

(6) The air compressor and air supply system should be normally operated. There should no abnormal sound and leakage phenomenon. The pressure should be kept in the specified range.

(7) Obvious marks should be set at operating area and material storing area.

2. After starting up the concrete mixing system of concrete batching plant, users need firstly make the no load trial running to check the working performance of machinery. After confirming the mixing system is normal, then users are able to produce concrete. It is forbidden to close down or start up the concrete mixer on-load.

3. Operators must operate concrete mixing plant according to  prescribed procedures.

4. During operation, protecting cover and stirring cover are not allowed to be opened to check and lubricate.

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