Safe Installation of Small Site Concrete Batch Plants

Submitted by admin,03/10/2014

No matter it is large-scale concrete batching plant or small-scale concrete batching plant, concrete batching plant should accord with safe installing requirements in the process of installation and application.
The followings are 6 rules of safe installation of small site concrete batch plants introduced by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd:

1 hopper, the lower limit and the limit switch action should be sensitive and reliable;

2 hopper wire rope should be in compliance with the relevant requirements;

3 the protective cover and the safety protection facilities shall be complete, intact, reliable;

4 mixing plant (floor) shall be provided with a lightning protection device; lightning protection grounding equipment connected to the PE line should be at the same time as repeat grounding, the grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohm;

5 mixing station (floor) should be configured for fire extinguishing equipment;

6 leakage protection device parameters should be matched, the installation should be correct, action should be sensitive and reliable.

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