Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Plant Price

Submitted by admin,07/25/2013
Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant price varies.

Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant has higher intelligent and automatic functions. Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant can be devided into intermittent and continuous forced concrete batching plant. Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant has compact structure, flexible layout and convenient installation and disassembly.

In addition, ready-mixed concrete mixing plant can achieve a variety of combinations and feeding ways according to the requirements.

Pioneer’s ready-mixed concrete mixing plant adopts the modular structure, which will make sure installation and disassembly easy and convenient. Ready-mixed concrete mixing plant also has high performance concrete mixer, computer control system and environmental protection design.

Pioneer’s ready-mixed concrete mixing plant adopts advanced automatic control system. This control system is currently the most advanced system in the world and our nation. It is featured by reliable performance, simple operation and strong functions. Pioneer’s ready-mixed concrete mixing plant can be intelligently controlled, automatically controlled and manually controlled, which can make sure real-time observation the concrete production process and production conditions of the concrete mixing plant: building sand, stone, which can connect o detect the moisture content of concrete. The concrete slump control can be used for on-line automatic temperature compensation, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing water and sand and provide remote communication interface to transmit data to the control system and achieve instant access to process data to facilitate the management and solve problems.

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