Maintaining Items of Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Submitted by admin,07/23/2013

Maintaining items of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant will be introduced from the following aspects:

1, Before using ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, make sure each of  electric apparatus is safe and reliable and every travel switch is flexible.

Check whether the air compressor protection device is normal and the pressure is stable between 0.5 - 0.7Mpa.
Check whether each of measuring hopper is free and make sure there is no interference.

2, After using ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, clean up the sundries and the rest of concrete in the concrete mixer; check the space between mixing blades and the lining board and timely adjust it when it is necessary.

3. Adjust and fasten the mixing arm and the shaft bolts; clean up  additive storage silo.
In winter, drain off the water in pipes and pump. Give out the air in the compressor air storage tank.
Regularly lubricate each lubricating point. Check whether the electrical components in the electrical system are damaged; if damaged, repair or replace them timely.
Check the wear of wire rope, and smear the right amount of grease on the surface of wire rope.

4, Regularly inspect the blades and lining board and timely replace them if necessary.
Check the transmitting gear and properly smear grease.
Improve the operation and management system and make the operating records.

5, Pay attention to safely operating ready-mixed concrete mixing plant.  Prohibit any person staying or walking under the lifting hopper. 
When concrete mixer is working, prohibit people standing in concrete unloading zone.
When maintaining the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant, users must disconnect the electricity. Non professional operators is not allowed to operate the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant.

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