Portable Medium Sized Concrete Batch Plant Test Run

Submitted by admin,02/07/2014

Whether it is commercial concrete mixing plant or engineering concrete mixing plant, after installation, test run is needed. Portable medium sized concrete batch plant test run is divided into no-load test run and loaded test run.

Well what are procedures of portable concrete batching plant no-load test run? This article, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will explain the procedures to you:

1. Connect the power and start up air compressor. Adjust it to the rated pressure and keep the pressure for 15minutes. And then check the control valve, pipeline and cylinder stator of the whole gas path system to see whether they have air leakage. Press the buttons of cylinder pipes to make them work to check whether cylinder stators work normally and have obstructions.

2, Separately start up each motor to check the running direction and operating conditions. If there is abnormal noise, users should stop timely and discharge materials. At the same time, users also need pay attention to the belt conveyor and timely adjustment it.

3. Respectively start up two motors of concrete mixer in concrete batching plant to observe the rotating situation of shafts. The left shaft should counterclockwise rotates and the right one should clockwise rotates.

4. Connect source of water to check whether each water pump and admixture pump is correctly running and whether the pipeline leaks.

5. Adjust each weighing instrument and set up parameters (see electrical equipments’ specification).

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