Pneumatic system malfunctions of small concrete mixing plant

Submitted by admin,12/28/2012
Hi, there. Today we discuss malfunctions in pneumatic system of small concrete mixing plant for aspects of air failure.

The compressor failure of concrete batching plant: check valve, piston ring was worn down seriously, air inlet valve damage and air filter clogging.

To determine if a check valve is damaged, it only turns off the power supply and move the big belt wheel by hand after the air compressor shuts down automatically. If it can easily turn a circle, indicates that the check valve is not damaged; otherwise, the check valve is damaged. In addition, it can also judge from the automatic pressure switch below the exhaust port exhaust situation, generally the air compressor stops exhausting ten seconds after it automatic shuts down. If the exhaustion stops when the compressor starts again, the check valve is damaged, it must be replaced.

When the air compressor pressure rises slowly and accompanied by string oil phenomenon, it indicates that air compressor piston ring has been seriously worn down, should be replaced promptly.

When the intake valve is damaged or a clogged air filter, which can also cause the air compressor pressure rising slowly. When checking, you can put your palms to the air intake of the air filter, if there is hot presses outward, the inlet valve is damaged, must be replaced; if there small suction, it is generally caused by air filter is dirty, you should wash or replace the filter.

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