Modular Concete Batch Plants Market in 2013

Submitted by admin,11/20/2013

There are several factors to boost modular concrete batch plants market in 2013.

In the next 20 years, China's economy will still have high growth potential. Against the background of fixed assets investment improvement and downstream industry recovery, transformation and upgrading of concrete batching plant industry will be speeded up.

The following several factors boost modular concrete batch plants market in 2013:

1. The real estate industry trend in 2013 is relatively optimistic. The real estate industry in the whole year has continuing moderate growth. On the premise of sales remaining steady growth, real estate investment will keep steady recovery trend, which drives development and accelerats construction pace.

2. Railway infrastructure projects investment in 2013 still remains high trend. At the same time, urban rail transportation is vigorously developed. 2012, National Development and Reform Commission has approved 34 cities’ rail transportation development planning. Construction of infrastructure projects will drive the development and application of  concrete machinery and other related machineries.

3. Urbanization will be the next engine for the next step in the development of China's economy. With the carrying forward of urbanization process, rebound of real estate investment and the acceleration infrastructure construction in the western areas, including transportation, water conservancy, urban construction, resource development and other developmental items are carried out like a raging fire spread, which all provide favorable market environment for the construction machinery sales.

The majority of Chinese construction machinery enterprises will walk with more robust steps. Chinese construction machinery enterprises going abroad represents a new trend: previously, Chinese enterprises pay attention to energy resources and other physical assets. Now, they begin to pay attention to brand, technology, medium of communication and other intangible assets to lead the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry.

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