Local Investment Improves The Development of Concrete Machine

Submitted by admin,06/06/2013
Local investment will inject new vitality to the development of concrete machinery. Local investment improves the development of concrete machinery.

Take Shanxi province as an example: the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, Shanxi province got 6.54 billion yuan from the central 4 trillion investment projects. Among them, in the fourth quarter of 2008, Shanxi province received 2.95 billion yuan and in the first quarter of 2009, Shanxi province got 3.59 billion yuan.

The two batch of central investment funds has been issued. The third batch of the project funds have been given out in early May. The economic construction department director said, for the first two batches of central investment projects, Shanxi province provided matching local investment up to 5.76 billion yuan. The ratio between the central and local governments bear the financial is roughly 1 to 1.
Governments at all levels in Shanxi province also put forward huge investment plan. In 2009, Shanxi province carried out a total of nine areas, 171 key construction projects with a total investment of 871 billion yuan.  The amount of investment of 2009 was 144.9 billion yuan. The investment to key railways, highways and subways and other key transportation facilities projects reached 49.4 billion yuan.

The 4 trillion investment project of central government focuses on infrastructure and livelihood projects. There is slight difference between  the local government's investment and local governments’ investment. As for the local governments’ investment, it shows more enthusiasm to expand the industrial investment, especially for the development of manufacturing industry, the new industrial park, the heavy chemical industry, which injects new vitality to the concrete machinery.

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