Introduction and features of modular concrete batching plant

Submitted by admin,12/05/2012

Our modular concrete batching plant features good running performance, advanced technology, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, high output in a short time. It is ideal machine for making concrete. Then will discuss the features of modular concrete batching plant. The following are the main systems that compose the modular concrete mixing plant.

1.Aggregate feeding system includes: sub-feed hopper, belt machine.
2.Cement supplying system: cement silo, conveyor with electronic weigher.
3.Automatic water supply system: pressure tank, submersible pump, pipe, pressure reducing valve, water meter, sprinkler.
4.Mixing system: motor reducer, twin shaft continuous mixer.
5.Aggregate batching system: it adopts electronic components made by domestic well-known manufacturers, electromagnetic (frequency) governor.

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