Improve Production Alertness of Continuous Cement Batching Pl

Submitted by admin,05/22/2013
Nowadays, for some large mechanical equipments, there are relative safe protective measures, if the operation is correct, there will not happen serious accidents. Users need improve production alertness of continuous cement batching plant.

But when we watch TV, we often see the news about concrete batching plants hurting people and most of them are man-made accidents rather than accidents. How to effectively prevent accidents happening is a very important problem and is also one necessary part in staff training before every concrete batching plant’s production.
How to prevent accidents and improve production alertness of continuous cement batching plant? We must firstly know about the general knowledge of concrete batching plant and some very dangerous regions of concrete mixing station which needs attention when production.

(1) Remember not enter the production scope during the batching plant is working. It is likely to occur danger of being involved in the belt!
(2) When the lifting hopper is working, people is not allowed to walk through of stay below the hopper in case raw materials fall in the transportation process and occur dangerous!

(3) Working range of bucket elevator and belt machine is very dangerous, conveyor sometimes will accidentally hurt people around!
(4) Do not put water into any running equipment, which is very unwise and will cause damage to concrete batching plant.

(5) Remember!!! In the concrete mixing station maintenance, close down the current source and some other devices.

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