How to clean electronics in concrete batching plant

Submitted by admin,01/16/2013
Concrete batching plant is so large an equipment that needs your patience to clean, especially, the components of electronics. The following are some tips in cleaning the electronics.

First, do not use canned air to clean the insides of any electronics. In addition to residue that can further foul up your gear, just blowing air into crevices in your gear can push more dust inside them.Second, do not use contact cleaner for faders, as it will remove the proper lubrication. Your best bet will without tearing apart faders (not a good idea anyway) will be De-oxit or a similar, oil based electronics cleanser.But consult an electronics tech before doing it yourself. Some electronics don't play well with oil based cleansers. You absolutely want to make sure De-oxit that oversprays or splashes is cleaned off contacts, etc. with contact cleaner. (parts that don't need lubrication) as the oil will hold onto further dust that gets inside the casing.

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