Heat Insulation Batch Plant Construction in Winter

Submitted by admin,11/12/2013

Temperatures in many places in winter are below zero, which will seriously affects the quality of concrete or even makes concrete be frozen. In subzero temperatures, free water in concrete would freeze and the  volume of concrete would increase by 9% and the hardening of concrete structure will be damaged by frost. So the construction safety and quality risk are high. The could weather, freezing site are easy to cause accidents. So it is necessary to take measures for small batch plant construction in winter.

While, what matters users need take care of when using concrete batching plant in winter?

Set up thermal insulating shed to keep aggregate storage bin warm. The height of thermal insulating shed need meet the feeding height of loader. As for the thermal insulation of belt conveyor, users are able to applyHeat insulation cotton or cold-proof felt to cover the belt conveyor to prevent the heat of aggregate dissipating. 

2. According to the characteristics of concrete batching plant, concrete mixer is placed inside of concrete mixing plant. In winter, users need closely seal the surroundings of concrete mixing plant. Install 2KW heating pipe in the concrete mixing plant and the quantity of heating pipe depends on temperature. The production and mixing time of concrete is related to the intensity and uniformity of concrete. The best mixing time should be made from many times of trials and productive practices.

As for the insulation of aggregate bin, users need set up insulation shed and fire up stoves or have heating installation in the insulation shed. It is must be ensured that the insulation shed be tightly enclosed.

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