Guides in purchasing HZS series concrete mixing plant(II)

Submitted by admin,12/04/2012

Today we will continue to discuss the some tips in purchasing HZS series concrete batching plant from the following aspects.

a. If the project needs a large volume of concrete and that requires the concrete batching plant continue working over 12 hours, in this condition, you shall be strict in the quality when selecting a concrete batching plant. If there is no spare batching plant nearby, you’d better choose two sound small concrete batching plants or one but with two concrete mixers.   

b.  If the traffic is not convenient in the job site and it costs too much time for the maintainer to get to the job site. It is better to buy two small concrete batching plant with the same or similar specification, and prepare enough spare parts so as to ensure the construction work continues smoothly. 
c.  If there are several job sites but not far away among them, and it can be takes ten minutes for the truck to deliver the concrete mixture to the job site from another. In this condition, it shall gather several types of concrete mixing plants to product concrete in a job site.

  HZS series concrete mixing plant is designed for large scale of modern construction. It is a complete set of automated production equipment that combined the international advanced technologies.