Guides in purchasing HZS series concrete mixing plant(I)

Submitted by admin,12/03/2012

Today we will discuss the some tips in purchasing HZS series concrete mixing plant.
 1.  you shall have a good understanding about the structures of concrete mixing plant. It is composed but not limited by concrete mixer, cement batcher, aggregate batcher, conveyors, aggregate bins, cement bins, heaters, chillers, cement silos, batch plant controls. 
2. Based on the concrete performance to choose mixer that match with the plant. For example, the water conservancy project shall need compulsory concrete mixer. In addition, the aggregate batching machine and bins shall be chosen according to the types of aggregate materials.
3. The volume needed for concrete and the time limit for the project decide the specification that is suited for your job site.  
 4. Before purchasing the concrete mixing plant, it shall be observe and study the construction site and its surroundings so as to ensure the quality and can be competed smoothly. The following can give you a good advise.

 5. For the personal’s quality, generally speaking, the structure of small concrete mixing plant is simple, and it is easy to operate in control system.     

6. In general, the manufacturer will offer you a package including specifications, quantity, types and others. In addition, you can give your requirements when you place the order.
This is the first part in discussing purchasing HZS series concrete mixing plant,  hope it can help you.