How to Guarantee Concrete Quality in Construction

Submitted by admin,06/17/2013

The followings are some advices about how to guarantee concrete quality in construction:

1, The raw materials of concrete and matching
The storage and application of materials used to produce concrete and raw material additives can be effectively used after being mixed by concrete mixer. What concrete batching plant users need to do is to ensure the workability and coordination of these materials. Before concrete production, users should carry out the corresponding effective inspection to prevent the produced concrete quality being inconsistent with the using standards.

2. The mixing operation of concrete mixer
There have certain skills for the delivery of concrete material and additives. Concrete batching plant users need to change according to the appropriate conditions. Of course, choosing the most suitable concrete mixer for concrete batching plant is the primary factor. The stirring speed and intensity in the delivery process will be effectively controlled.

3, The standard of commercial concrete in transportation process
If the finished concrete used as commodity, concrete mixer truck need to be used for transporting concrete. Due to moisture is easy to loss, so users need to pay attention to the transportation time. So the standard of  commodity concrete is different from that of directly used concrete. The mixing speed and intensity in the transportation process also need meet the standard.

4, The pouring of concrete
In pouring concrete, users should pay attention to the pouring height and surrounding environment of pouring. Check every detail to effectively prevent concrete flowing away and causing problems in the future construction.

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