Environmental Friendly Concrete Mixing Plant

Submitted by admin,02/01/2013
Environmental Friendly Concrete Mixing PlantToday, I’d like to talk about environmental friendly concrete mixing plant.

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd, a large professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, has been increasing technical investment to research and develop environmental friendly concrete mixing plant. Through continuous improvement and practice, combined with valuable feedback and suggestions from customers, we reduce concrete mixing plant energy consumption and increase concrete mixing plant efficiency.

Our environmental friendly concrete mixing plant has outstanding environment protection performance. The feeding, weighing, mixing and discharging of all powder material run in closed situation, which greatly reduces the negative effect of dust and noise to the environment. Meanwhile, our environmental friendly concrete mixing plant adopts material circulation system, which greatly improves utilization rate of raw material.

To ensure you get the quality you expect from our concrete mixing plant equipment, we take care of all the designing, production and packaging in-house.
Your customization requests are welcome. Our inspectors check all raw materials and perform inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process. Talk to our English-speaking trade staff members today to learn more.