Development Thinking of Pioneer Concrete Portable Batching Pl

Submitted by admin,09/06/2013
The main development thinking of Pioneer concrete portable batching plant is: Pioneer will take scientific development as the theme, take accelerating the transformation of the development pattern as the main development route, take the strategic adjustment of structure as the main direction. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd will go on new industrialization road.

Pioneer will seize the important strategic opportunities of industrial development to design and manufacture new type of concrete batching plants. We will improve and perfect corollary equipments (like cement silo, batching machine) and accelerate the concrete batching plant development of industrialization. Pioneer adheres to scientific and technological progress and independent innovation to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of our company and promote sustained, steady, rapid development of concrete batching plant.

In addition, Pioneer introduce and pay great attention to the talents. Pioneer cultivates the talents to promote the core-competitiveness, which is the key to promote the rapid development of concrete machinery industry. At the same time, innovative design is the core method for Pioneer to improve its market competitiveness. Only the concrete portable batching plant with high-performance can win the trust of customers. Pioneer will update the traditional concrete portable batching plant and meet the requirements of market: green, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Carry out creating brand activities. Enhance and improve design, manufacturing, test, services. Strengthen management by standards and other ways. Extrude the reliability and stability of concrete portable batching plant. Improve the quality of concrete batching plants and adjust industrial structure according to the market demand. 
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