Development Space of Concrete Machinery in China

Submitted by admin,05/29/2013
Now, China is in large scale urbanization construction stage, so the development space of concrete machinery in China is large.

In 2008, China's urbanization rate was about 46% a year. The annual grouth is about 0.8-1 percent. In 2010, China's urbanization rate reached 48-50%; It is predicted that by 2020 China's urbanization rate will reach 55-60%. At the same time, positive progress has been achieved in the implementation of the overall strategy for regional development in China. The urbanization construction of central and western areas began to accelerate. Investment to the city municipal facilities construction of each year is expected to 300 billion yuan to 500 billion yuan.

China is now at the rapid development stage of industrialization, urbanization and internationalization. The steady development of new rural construction, large scale development of central and western regions of China, industrial structure upgrading and industrial regional transfer.  All these factors will become the support to let China's future investment continue to rise and lay a solid foundation for the good development of  China’s construction machinery in the long term.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2008, the output of China’s commodity concrete run up to 0.69 cubic meters, an increase of 16.95%. Especially the North China and the central and western regions, concrete output have been increased in different digrees.

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