Developing Space of Concrete Plant

Submitted by admin,12/04/2013

The developing space of concrete plant is large.

In order to achieve goals presented in "construction machinery twelfth five year development plan", to fundamentally change the situation that construction machinery is now under the sway of key technology and  main components, to break the bottleneck of restricting the furture  development of construction machinery. Construction machinery association unites construction machinery enterprises to research on key technology and important parts to lay a solid foundation for the stable development of construction machinery in long period of time.

As the downstream industry of construction machinery, concrete batching plant is also closely linked with the development of construction machinery. Looking at the distance, the future development trend of concrete mixing station would be affected by macroeconomic control, the demand is slow down. But low-income housing construction, development and construction in western region, investment to water conservancy construction, municipal engineering construction investment will continue, which brings a large developing opportunity to concrete machinery.

For many engineering constructions, concrete is produced on site. While there are several problems for concrete being mixed on site: 1. Small productivity. 2. Quality is not very good. 3. It will use a lot of manpower. 4. The most important thing is it will do damage to the surrounding environment.

Nowadays, Shanghai, Beijing and other big cities do not allow concrete to be mixed on site. So commercial concrete batching plant need be built on rural area and concrete will be transported to the construction site by concrete truck, which has high efficiency, high quality and save manpower.

With more demand for concrete, concrete equipment (like concrete mixer, concrete batching plant) will be greatly needed.

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