Control system of HZS concrete mixing plant

Submitted by admin,01/22/2013
Components of the control system of HZS concrete mixing plant are introduced from international brands, such as the Japanese Omron PLC, Schneder switch and contactor, Omron intermediate relay and so on. It uses the collection and distribution control mode, which separates the control from the management and realizes off-line, on-line double control automatically, double control semiautomatically and manual control and other control modes. Besides, the control system employs WINDOWS2000 as the platform, genuine animation design and Chinese (or English)display, it is easy to operate.

It is extremely reliable that the control system is regulated by the PLC hardware.Thanks to the Windows operated platform, it not only has good man-machine display, but also can carry on the dynamic picture track and monitoring equipments' running in real time. It makes the operation directly and conveniently. The formula management and the measurement data uses the large scale database which offer un-limit data. At the same time, it uses the general data format that is easy to manage.

For the measurement, it uses CB920X device from Shimmied Corporation. Shimmied Corporation created this device is especially for industry control, therefore, it is stable, reliable and accurate.

The HZS concrete mixing plant's control panel is equipped with humidity instrumentation connection, it can meet the humidity instrumentation to realize that the moisture content online examination in sand and crushed stone and the formula's automatic revision. The running status of the plant can be demonstrated on the control panel by indicators. Only one person can handle it in the operation room.