Continuous Forced Type Concrete Mixing Plant Advantages

Submitted by admin,11/15/2013
Continuous forced type concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of aggregate preparation system, powder system, water and additive system, conveying-mixing-storing system, electrical equipment and automatic control system. Continuous forced type concrete mixing plant advantages are as followings:

1, Continuous concrete batching plant has big concrete output and high efficiency. Continuous forced type concrete mixing plant is able to  continuously and stably work.

2, Continuous concrete batching plant has uniform mixing. Mixtures going into the concrete mixet are homogeneous materials. Mixture in the concrete mixer, the mixing process includes blend and hydration. So the mixing time can be shortened.

3, Continuous forced type concrete batching plant has no leakage and small abrasion. The feed end of continuous concrete mixer is dry mixing and there are backpitches at two shaft ends. So there is no leakage problem. In addition, continuous concrete batching plant has low faults and a long service life.

Next, let us learn the details of each part of continuous forced type concrete batching plant:

Aggregate preparation system: According to different requirements, there are two to four aggregate hoppers. These hoppers are used to measure and feed matterials. Each hopper consists of aggregate bin, weighing sensor, reduction box, feeding belt and auxiliary facilities.

Powder system: it is composed of storage silo, storage butterfly valve, lifting screw, measuring bin, feeder and other parts.

Water and additive system of continuous concrete batching plant consists of additive box, water tank, pump, water and additive weighing hopper and pipes.

Conveying-mixing-storing system is composed of conveyor, concrete mixer. Sand, stone and other materials are batched by batching machine and transported to concrete mixer by conveyor.

Electrical equipment and automatic control system includes power pack, sensor and control center.

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