Concrete Batching Plant Operational Principles

Submitted by admin,03/26/2013

Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd reminds you that before using concrete batching plant, you must know about the concrete batching plant operational principles and working methods.

Firstly, concrete batching plant can be classified into commercial concrete batching plant and engineering concrete batching plant according to the concrete batching plant application. Commercial concrete batching plant is used to produce sales concrete, while engineering concrete batching plant is applied to produce concrete for self using. They have different feeding methods. So you need choose concrete batching plant according to your personal requirements.

Concrete batching plant is composed of sand feeding, powder feeding, water and additive feeding, transmission mixing and storage. All materials are matched according to a certain proportion and then blend and mix all materials to produce concrete.

Although concrete batching plants made by different manufacturers have varied forms, basic components are similar. Nowadays, most concrete batching plants adopt computer controlling system.
We specialize in manufacturing concrete batching plant and concrete mixer in the past 15 years. Our concrete batching plants have been exported to Africa, Europe, South America, Asia.

Our QC personnel inspect all raw materials, components and production processes.

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