Concrete Batching Machine Maintenance

Submitted by admin,11/22/2013
We all know that concrete batching machine is automatic device to quantificationally distribute gravel and other materials. Concrete batching machine is mainly used in the concrete construction industry, like concrete batching plant.

Concrete batching machine is used to replace the platform scale or volume measurement and other methods. PLD batching machine has such advantages as high precision measurement, high efficiency of distribution, high degree of automation and others.

PLD batching machine is one of the main part of the complete set of automatic concrete batching plant.

Concrete batching plant users need do good professional maintenance to prolong the service life of concrete batching machine.

Many concrete batching plant users do not maintain the equipment after using for a long time. Until the machine goes wrong, users just know to repair, which not only cause big loss for the functions of concrete machinery but also reduce the production efficiency.

So, how to maintain concrete batching machine in daily life?

Firstly, before producing concrete, users need check belt conveyor without load. Clean up sundries and others. Fasten screws of all parts and adjust belt deviation. Make sure that all rotating parts can flexibly move.

After using concrete batching machine for a few months, lubricate all rotating components. Carry out thorough disassembly and oil change.

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