Common Failures of Batching Machine

Submitted by admin,03/08/2013
Batching machine is one important part of concrete batching plant. Common failures of batching machine will influence the normal work of concrete batching plant.
The followings are several common failures of batching machine and solutions to these failures.

Failure 1: The controller of batching machine is out of control or is given wrong order. How to solve this problem? Users need to shut down batching machine and restart it again. Add voltage stabilizer and sun protection measure to batching machine.

Failure 2: Incorrect weighing. How to solve it? Users should adjust the batching system, calibrate the weighing system and replace a new sensor.
Failure 3: One material can not be batched. How to deal with it? Check the electrical control system and remove the failure.

Failure 4: Belt conveyor is off track. Solving this problem, users need to adjust belt conveyor.

We need to pay attention to these common failures of batching machine and timely solve them as soon as possible when we come across these problems.

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