Common Concrete Batching Plant Failures

Submitted by admin,03/05/2013
There will happen several common concrete batching plant failures during using concrete batching plant.

Some of these common concrete batching plant failures are much more serious, so users must pay more attention to them. The following are some common concrete batching plant failures:
The mixing motor could be burnt out.

Mixing arms of double shaft concrete mixer can be broken off.

Bearings of concrete mixer can be damaged, which will cause sealing failure.

Wheel gear parts of transmission system in concrete batching plant could be broken.
Belt conveyor of concrete batching plant may be broken down.

Concrete batching plant may make loud noise.
Instruction of control system can be out of order.

All above are some common concrete batching plant failures. Concrete batching plant users should pay attention to these problems and if your concrete batching plant is being suffered these problems, you must deal with them timely.

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