Cement silo -- a storage equipment of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by admin,01/06/2013
Cement silo is used for storage of bulk materials, however, concrete mixing plant is the equipment for producing concrete. People may think cement silo has nothing to do with concrete mixing plant, however bulk cement silo and concrete mixing plant have great relevance, that is the bulk cement silo is one of the main equipments of concrete mixing plant.

The application of cement silo is not only in concrete mixing plant, it may be also used in cement manufacturing plant. The concrete mixing plant for storing cement usually employs cement silo for cement silo, bin is currently the most suitable for concrete mixing station as the storage device, it has a good moisture-proof feature. Generally, small concrete mixing plant will equipped with cement silo of 50 tons or 60 tons. It is according to your specific construction, and there are cement silos ranging for 80 tons to 200 tons.

Cement silo is one of the main equipments that consists of concrete mixing plant.