Cement Mixing Plant Investment

Submitted by admin,11/13/2013
Bridge construction becomes an important force to pull the cement mixing plant investment and development.

The construction of high-speed railway, due to bridges take a large proportion, so there are lots of types and a great deal of required construction machineries around the bridge construction. Since the large-scale construction of high-speed railway line for passenger traffic in China, the bridge engineering quantity has occupied a large proportion and has become the important power to pull the development of bridge manufacturing, transporting and erecting special equipments and concrete machinery.

Bridge engineering can be divided into precast concrete box girder and cast-in-place concrete box girder. The prefabricated box girder predominates. No matter what kind of box girder, there is a great demand to concrete. At the same time, it drives the development ofconcrete mixer and concrete batching plant. During construction, when the prefabricated box girder can not be used, engineers must usethe cast-in-place concrete continuous box girder, steel structual box girder and others. Because the lifting weight is large for cast-in-place concrete continuous box girder, so usually tower crane need be set up. For the beam fabrication, MSS or cast-in-place concrete are usually used. For cross sea and cross river bridge projects built indeep water, special pile driving barge, concrete mixing ship, crane ship and other water construction equipments are also needed.

So the construction of high-speed rail bridge not only drives the development of concrete machinery, but also drives the development of other equipment of concrete industry.

Concrete equipments have become essential instruments for high-speed rail bridge construction.

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