Batching Machine Maintenance in Concrete Plant

Submitted by admin,10/25/2013
How to maintain the batching machine in concrete plant? Here are some skills for batching machine maintenance:

We all know that concrete batching machine is an automatic equipment to distribute raw materials (like sand, aggregate) according to certain ratio. Baching machine is mainly used in the concrete construction industry to replace the artificial platform balance or volume measurement method. The batching machine of concrete batching plant is featured by high precision measurement and distribution, high efficiency, high degree of automation. The batching machine is one of main parts of automatic concrete mixing plant. While, for the application of batching machine, only batching machine is well maintained can it have a long service life. Many concrete mixer users do not carry out maintenance to batching machine for a long period of time. They just start maintaining and repairing the batching machine until something is wrong and batching machine can not normally work, which will not only bring great loss of mechanical properties but also reduce the production efficiency.

Then which aspects should users need pay attention to during using the batching machine

Firstly, users should carry out no-load test to the belt conveyor before working. Clean up debris, mud and so on. Fasten screws of all parts of batching machine. Adjust the belt and make sure that all rotating parts flexibly run. After using the batching machine for 6 months, users need timely lubricate bearings of rotating parts. Afterwards, conduct comprehensive disassembly and oil replacement once a year.
In sum, after using the batching machine, users need open and clean up the batching machine at regular intervals, which can not only prolong the service life of the batching machine, but also can improve the efficiency of operations.

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