Batching Machine in Concrete Batching Plant

Submitted by admin,08/02/2013
Batching machine is one of important concrete batch plant parts.

In fact, for professional commercial concrete mixing plant users, batching machine and proportioning station still have some differences. Concrete batching machine is relatively single batching equipment. While the concrete proportioning station is more close to the whole concrete batching plant. But from the current application situation on the market, because the production effects of concrete batching machine and concrete proportioning station are similar, so in the domestic market, concrete batching machine (station) are all referred to the concrete batching machine.

Due to commercial concrete batching plant has large amount of work, only by relying on concrete batching machine-this professional batching equipment, can ensure the production efficiency. Concrete batching machine can be said the first procedure to the commercial concrete production. The main functions of batching machine are to centralize and batch raw materials for the concrete batching plant including concrete raw material by weighing and conveying raw materials through automatic controlling system. According to the current domestic application of engineering and the types of raw materials, batching machine can be effectively selected, such as three hoppers of batching machine, four or even five hoppers of dosing machine and so on. These batching machines all can ensure the convenience and standardization of concrete batching and greatly promote the productivity of commercial concrete batching plant.
The mature development of concrete batching plant marks a huge leap forward of domestic construction, which also effectively promotes the development of concrete batch plant parts, such as the concrete mixer and so on and greatly expands the market range of application and strengthens the technological concentration of each part of concrete batching plant.
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