To solve the V-belt failure of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,10/27/2014
Provide the effective technical or service for the customer, which is the object of our work and price evaluation ruler, customer success is the success of our own. Encountered in the production development usually do concrete mixing plant manufacturers. Today Pioneer machinery will tell you the answer.
1.The weighing must be accurate,and the deviation of materials is weighed by weight. The cement, water and mixed materials can't exceed 1%, the aggregate can't exceed 3%. This precision is easy to achieve for the concrete mixing plant with automatic gauge control; for the concrete mixing plant or stirring device with manual control weighing, as long as they are careful to operate, they can also achieve. For example, when the storage hopper adopts manual gate and scales weighing aggregate, we can adopt two steps: the first step is the beginning weighing, second step is change. The beginning weighing, we may according to the control of less amount of 20-25 kg than its need, when it achieves the inverse number, you must shut the gate. Because some materials will be dropped into the weighing hopper at the process of closing the gate, the mount of second falling into the weighing hopper will generally than the control value of multiple 15-20 kg after the gate was closed. Then the second step will be allocated to the number, requirements of the small gate will feed supplement.
2. Consider of the market competition needs: the scale study about the demand amount of local concrete, the number of local existing concrete mixing plant and the future development trend. That is the timeliness and persistence.
3. Clean the electrical box, and make the motor, electrical device fixed neat.
4.  When it is working, forbid any person going by or stay. The hopper should be fixed after finishing work. When you feed it, no head to see between the hopper and the frame or touch the condition of feeding.
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