The maintenance of the concrete mixer

Submitted by pioneer,07/28/2014
The maintenance of the machine is a regular and important task. The operation and maintenance cooperate closely. It should have full-time stuff check on duty.
1.Bearing support the whole load of machine. So good lubrication can be effective to extent the bearing life. It can directly affect the service life of machine and running rate. It should add clean lubricating oil as the requirement during the processing. Seal must be good.
2.Always check the newly installed tire which is easy to loose.
3.Check the each part of machine whether they are all right.
4.Check for any seriously worn parts and replace if necessary.
5.Check bearings and hydraulic oil temperature, if necessary, stop it at once to find the cause and settle it.
6.During gear running, stop it at once when noise or other abnormal sound is heard to find the cause and settle it.
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