The main faults of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,10/15/2014
Concrete mixing plant will have different faults, some faults are very serious, we must pay special attention to these failures which can seriously impact on the product function, and the performance indicators can't meet the specified requirements. These faults are as follows:
1. The mixing motor was burned out;
2. The forced mixer shovel arm was broken;
3. The supporting host bearing of concrete mixing plant was damaged and caused the seal failure;
4. The gear parts in the transmission system of concrete mixing plant and lifting mechanism;
5. The belt of the belt conveyor in the concrete mixing plant was broken;
6. The chains of the bucket elevator were broken;
7. The steel wire rope wreckage of hopper promotion mechanism will cause the rail seizure of hopper and the serious deformation and damage of material frame;
8. The large noise and excessive concentration of dust;
9. The command of computer control system is out of order. The important electronic components need to be replaced because of the movement disorders.
If your concrete mixing plant has these faults, you must stop working to repair it. You need to replace the external main parts or replace the internal important parts.