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Installation and commissioning of JS concrete mixer
Submitted by Eliza,05/04/2016
1.The installation of concrete mixer
A.When install the concrete mixer, the site should be smooth, it need to make concrete foundation in the supporting leg, the Hang Hau should be above the ground in order to prevent the inflow of water into the pit.
B. Use a crane to lift the mixer, install the supporting leg, leg brace and braces, then put where the concrete mixer is, then install the rail and ladder.

2.Inspection and pre operation of concrete mixer
A.Checking the reducer and the lubricating oil (grease) of concrete mixer to see whether they are good.
B. Checking the power supply and voltage of the concrete mixer: rated voltage is 380 V, the error is +5% to -5%.
C. Checking the motor, electrical components, and the connection to see whether they are reliable, the distribution box shell must be reliably electrical grounding. all pipelines should be properly placed, to prevent they are crushed or bruised to cause the accident when work.
D. Checking all parts of the connection bolt to see whether they are reliable, especially the connection of moving parts, if they are loose, they should be tightened immediately. Checking whether the open gear is correct.
E. Checking whether the wire rope is neatly arranged on the drum, if there is loose, it should be re wrapped.
F. Checking the mixing tank, the hopper and the track to see whether they are consistent, if the direction is wrong, we should change the power supply connection.
G. A water storage container is arranged near the water pump, and the water absorption valve is put into the container. The water quality should be kept clean.

3.The commissioning of concrete mixer
A. Starting the mixer motor, the steering wheel should be consistent with the direction of the signs, if the direction is wrong, we should change the power supply connection.
B. To start the coil field motor to raise the hopper, checking the hopper lifting process and the upper and lower limit to see whether they are reliable.
C. The open and close of unloading door should be accurate.
D. Starting the pump motor and checking the direction of rotation.

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