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How to safely use the concrete mixer
Submitted by Eliza,04/26/2016
1.The concrete mixer should be installed on the solid ground, to prevent dumping.
2.Before using the concrete mixer, we should check the system, according to cleaning, tightening, lubrication, adjustment, anti-corrosion procedures, and make it meet the requirements, if there are hidden dangers, we must timely eliminate them.
3.Electric power driven mixer and power distribution equipment should be installed appropriate fuse and grounding devices, to ensure the safety of electrical systems.
4.When the concrete mixer is operating, please do not make the sand into the running part of the machine, to avoid the parts are stuck and damaged.
5.After the hopper lifting, it is strictly prohibited staying under the hopper, if it need to overhaul under the bucket, we should shut off the power supply. The feeding hopper should be slowly lowered, so as to avoid falling too fast to damage the machine.
6.Before the discharging, it can not be no reason to stop, but it also can not be started after feeding, the feeding amount can not exceed the specified capacity.
7.Before the hopper is not stopped, it can not feed.
8.The concrete mixer body must be installed smoothly and firmly. Before working, we should check whether the clutch and the brake is flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is broken, the protection device is complete and reliable, and have the test run. If the mixing tube is smooth rotation, not beating, wandering, hopper and a discharging door rotation are flexible, hopper cam mechanism is normal, we can start to work. Prohibiting overload use. Prohibiting using hands or other objects into the mixing barrel to pluck, clean and repair etc.
9.When the full load operation concrete mixer caught in a sudden power outage or failure, the manual labor will be used to clear the material in mixing drum, and then to check or repair. It does not allow full load to start mixer, in case of the starting current is too large and damage motor.
10.If the operator must enter the mixing drum for cleaning or maintenance, the power should be strictly controlled to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
11.After the end of the mixing work, to promptly clean the concrete mixer, to prevent the concrete block. When cleaning, we should prevent electrical equipment damp. Cleaning must be carried out after the power cut to prevent electric shock

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