How to identify the quality of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,09/26/2014
The concrete mixing plant is widely used in the foundation construction, many users just only know how to use the concrete mixing plant, but for the quality of the concrete mixing plant, they do not very understand it. Needless to say, check the quality of the mixing plant bought by them.The main component of concrete mixing plant is just only some parts, so as long as these large parts have not the quality problem, the concrete mixing plant will not have big quality problem.1. If the mixer is self loading mixing drum, its buckle ring radius run-out can't exceed 1% of the diameter of the feed port, In addition, you should also check the reasonable size of quality and screen mesh and screen mesh reinforced vibration sieve. And check the installation accuracy of the screen.2. The transmission system operation should be flexible, no abnormal sound.
3. The transfer motion of the belt scale, belt conveyor and inclined belt machine should be steady, the operation should be flexible and the brake is high. In addition, there isn't the abnormal noise and card chain.
4. The examination of measurement system is very important, you should check the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement system (The concrete mixing plant produced by Pioneer machinery with aggregate weighing metering accuracy of + 2%, powder weighing metering accuracy of + 1%, water scale measurement accuracy of + 1%, additive weighing metering accuracy of + 1%).
5.The measuring hopper discharging is smooth, the accumulate material and overflow phenomenon can't be appeared;
6. The elevated temperature of the reducer  should be noted that the temperature need to reach the temperature on the qualified book;
7. The safety valve can not have the leakage phenomenon;
8. Quality of the cement tank should reach the stander.
9. The matching line installation should be reasonable and the installation of the equipment is right.