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Heavy load operation of concrete mixer
Submitted by Eliza,05/13/2016
1.According to the required concrete ratio to determine the amount of water supply, and adjust the time point device to the corresponding water supply time.

2.Starting the motor of concrete mixer to operate.

3.Close the discharge gate and add the required mixture to the hopper and lift the hopper. Hopper should run smoothly and be able to stop at any location in orbit. If there is a slipping phenomenon, we should put into the hopper bottom, and adjust the big nut of brake motor. After the hopper is promoted normally, and the brake is reliable, put the material into the mixing drum, and start the pump to supply water to the mixing drum.

4.After the concrete mixer is stirred by 25-35S, the discharge door is started to discharge.

5. In the course of the trial operation, if it is found abnormal conditions, we should immediately stop the concrete mixer to inspect it, then do the test run again until it is normal. After the new concrete mixer is used for one day, we should check the the lining board, bolt and nut of concrete mixer. The transmission lubrication parts should be lubricated. 

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