Common management system of commercial concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,10/08/2014
The commercial concrete mixing plant as a large concrete production system, especially the large commercial concrete mixing plant must have an efficient, perfect management system to have a scientific, professional management. Every day, we always introduce the related knowledge of the mixing plant. Many people may neglect the management system of the mixing plant. Today pioneer machinery will talk about the related common used knowledge about management system of some concrete mixing plants.
Taking the concrete mixing plant produced by Pioneer machinery as an example, each product produced and soled by our company is equipped with the corresponding management system. It is necessary for the large commercial concrete mixing plant. The companies generally advise customers to buy products matched with mixing plants, so the price is relatively preferential. However, as for small and medium sized engineering concrete mixing plants, companies will often suggest that customers use less this type of management system according to the actual production. Except that the customer really needs the tied in sale. From the differences of the management systems, pioneer machinery will provide the management system of the common used concrete mixing plant s as follows:
1) Pioneer ERP management system can effectively provide the information collection and management of the concrete mixing plant, and it can reduce the operation cost of enterprises, in this case, the management will become more transparent, scientific, and efficient.
2) Pioneer voice broadcast system can make the real-time playing according to the actual production situation of the concrete mixing plant, and it mainly services for the dispatcher and the mixing plant manager. It can accurately broadcast vehicle scheduling information and the workers production situations. In this case, the operation of the mixing plant can be effectively supervised.
3) Pioneer scheduling LED display system can show the real- time changes about the production and vehicle dispatching of the concrete mixing plant. It's a special LED display system as scheduling, calling a car and the notification.