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JZC-T Lifting Concrete Mixer
Product Description

Procut Description:
JZC-T lifting concrete mixer had the ability of melt stirring and lifting. Through the different height of ladder, the hoisting machine and carriage, the concrete inside lifting bucket can be promoted to different of floor. The lifting concrete has the advantages of easy operation, reduced labor and material consumption , shorten construction time, and high construction efficiency.
The main structure of this lifting concrete mixer: 10#channel steel ladder, steady, the hoisting machine, lifting hopper and carriage. The accessory of improve the safety: reinforced pole, connecting bolt, pour material hook and loading hopper, etc. 10#channel steel ladder includes: upper frame, underbed, intermediate frame. Each ladder has the equal width. The machine is equipped with upper frame, underbed, intermediate frame. The length of the frame has 17meters. Each ladder are connected by screw. Above the upper frame has the movable mounting. The boat deck connecting the ladder complete passed through the multi-channel working process. In this way, the high quality and accuracy, unified specifications, good in security is embedded in this model.

JZC-T Concrete Mixer Machine With Lift 
Discharge capacity:300L 
Lifting height:18m 
Max aggregate size:60mm 


The operation and usage of lifting concrete mixer:
1 Safety check before the operation
  1.1 Check whether the machine is stable.
  1.2 Electrical installation all requires regular inspection.
  1.3 Check whether the machine works well.
2 Operational considerations
  2.1 Adding agitated material at a time, the material should be restricted into prescriptive scope.
  2.2 When add the material into the feed hopper, specified order of seniority: aggregate - cement - sand.
  2.3 In order to reduce the mixing time and the dusty phenomenon, the worker should add water in time during filling of the material.
  2.4 Operating the lift of the hopper, force should be smooth, don’t be too hard so as not to damage the component.
  2.5 Forbidden the operator press the electric button at will.
  2.6 Don’t let the sand into the moving part of the machine during the course of operation to avoid the wear of moving parts.
  2.7 Look out for the electrical appliance safety. To prevent the motor be effect with the damp and the damage of the electronic components.
  2.8 When the feed hopper is lifting, anyone stay or pass through under the feed hopper is prohibited.
  2.9 When the power cut suddenly, the electromotor must be turned by hand to make the stirring barrel reversal discharging the blending material.
3 Maintenance
  3.1 There is a need to fill the lubricating oil on lubricating points.
  3.2 Fully discharge water in supply system, in order to prevent any freezing and cracking of supply system.
  3.3 Shut off power and lock the electrical operation box.
  3.4 Lift the hopper up to fixed height, make it fasten by insurance chain.
  3.5 Check whether the screw is loose, if have, the worker should strengthen.
  3.6 Clean the mixing drum after each use.

Which kinds of security problem should be pay attention to while using lifting concrete mixer and Machine maintenance

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